VS Hygenic Anti Microbial PU Wall Coating

It is latest future developed to disinfect  virus, bacteria that farms on the walls, other leakage areas .it is very environments health and safety to disinfect over a long time. It is very easy to clean, wash the walls and the floors in common. this is developed as a paint coating  and is certified and tested successfully against virus common bacteria even corona virus. anti microbial is along term effort that can reduce the risk of virus, bacteria, more eventually mostly used in hospitals. exports suggest the fame at hospitals, houses and other infect able areas.

Hygienic Anti Microbial pu Wall Coating

Anti bacterial Teflon coating based on Teflon coating is used nowadays. different types of colors and transparent  products now available in the market. that includes even rolling or spraying.

It is hygienically proving on all type of walls, floors, tails and other conditions.

This is Eco friendly technology gets nothing causes to the mankind and others and virus, bacteria  

Procedure of Application

  • Make sure the cement plastered wall is free from dry and grease and any loose particles. These Use methods such as sanding or  wire brushing to achieve this.
  • Using a roller or brush, apply a coat of primer with required ticking. Allow to dry for 4 to 5 hours for water based products and 6 to 8 hours for solvent based products.
  • Bring the surface to making a smooth level finish use acrylic putty for a better coating.
  • Allow to dry. after the first finish the second coat made makes more better and more effective.
  • For a better result make necessary changes depending on the culture of the wall, floor Apply
  •  last second and ending coat of PU top coat.
  • After the coating looks good .

Methods of Water Proofing Application

  • .The Interior walls of homes, apartments and offices.
  • The Hospitals and Operation theaters.
  • .The Chemical  Laboratories and Industries.
  • .The Diagnostic  laboratories.
  • .outdoor grades can be used as floor coatings.
  • .Exterior grades can be used for outside wall painting and waterproofing.
  • .Exterior grades can be used as a waterproof difficulty for terrace. waterproofing.
  • .Most of the crowd gather.