Lift OHT & UG Waterproofing

For high performance are water proofing systems with incorporating comes, sump, low point in the base of the pit where water can be camped out. Lift pits are subjected to hydro static which are difficult at varies weather conditions, makes a perfect water proofing system. due to several regions lift pit water proofing fails show often at any stage, age of the constructions.

A pit is an integral part of the structure as a different type of tasks and the pit. As to be able for mechanical fixings  in to the floor and the walls causing damage for the surface after water proofing system.

Best Lift OHT & UG Waterproofing Services

General reasons for a lift pit getting water after a failed water proofing system.

1, Environmental or whether issues

2, Failure due to break down of the lift

3, No proper maintenance issues

4, damage of the lift mechanism

So it is key element for a lift pit or escalator pit. Makes a design prose’s for a water proofing system. Even the lift pit goes down the structure ,(seller ) where water proofing is must against the ground water.

Step by Step Terrace Waterproofing Process

Above system are the best water proofing system get have been designed in accordance.

Whether related issues’;-

Using self adhesive bitumen sheet membrane is very suitable for any type of weather conditions and the system is highly durable. Cement based system are sensitive to weather conditions. grip lining system are not weather dependent installed during the contusions of the pit.

Pit quick fixes;-

To wide rang products available now when the pit is build. grip lining systems may also be used to retro fit even often the lift mechanism installed.