Retaining Wall Waterproofing

 What is retaining wall waterproofing;-

A retaining walls is needed when a natural integrative due to unstable material like sand etc.. a simple techniques using wall waterproofing  may prevent from water spilling in to the walls and over levels.

Important methods for retaining wall waterproofing

Gravity retaining walls;-

1)To prevent the earth from slipping over  weight. Of course they are made from thick cement and concert etc .., the technique condensate from the pressure of the material used.

 2)Pile retaining walls;-

this techniques is used to counteract the weight of the floor below the ground level and supports with a back cabal place in the soil.

3)Cantilevered retaining walls;-

 this techniques used for large constructions with steel-reinforced concert construction to down the presser from the downhill of the earth

Other type of Waterproofing Services

  1. Rock bank;- it is large rock may be used that can sewn naturally and erosion resistant
  2. Sleeper walls;- it is wobbly used and it is very ease to used. this techniques is used by timber as concert sleeper that can last very longer
  3. Masonry walls;- this technique viably used with covers with layers crushed rocks or concert footing.
  4. Gabion walls;- this techniques is used with steel cages that ideal for drainage other soil issues.
  5. Dry stone wall;- this techniques used very carefully from chosen stones and rocks, makes more strength and ability to retain the walls.


Advantages of Water Proofing

  • Retaining wall waterproofing a simple application.
  • Resistant to water, heat and frost.
  • Cracks and bridge.
  • Resistant to root penetration.

Methods of Water Proofing


Trees ;-

trees can compromise your rating walls like the weight  as the grow putting extra presser on the wall. The root systems can also be highly invasive, cracking and even lifting the walls. The roots can also penetrate in the drain system can block and make useless in the cases it is important to look on the factor y retaining the wall


using timbered sleeper in the foundation can we susceptible to a pests may damage a durability of the wall. fungal attic are very common problems when using timber sleeper technique. The guard against with these problems make use of best timbers.

Improper drainage ;-

poor quality of pipes and gravel back fill may will up extra hydro static presser on the wall to avoid this problems design the walls basing on the run of drainage

poor soil conditions;- different type of soil conditions may effect the walls structures integrity proper technique defending on the soil using proper materials may led strong durability of the wall.


a disturbed earth may compact the walls over a time it is possible to destabilized the walls with last part of the landscaping technique to handle the weight on the walls and remain consisted .

Step by Step Retaining Waterproofing Process