VS Terrace Waterproofing

Waterproofing is necessary practice used for constructions of houses, buildings, etc. Due to weather conditions may affect the wall component to prevent unwanted leaks brigs you the solution and protect from leakage and other cracks.

Best Terrace Waterproofing Services

Terrace waterproofing is very crucial, as a terrace roof is always exposed to weather conditions and climatic changes and rains. Terrace water proofing surface tends to accumulate the rain water, which in due path starts seeping inside the slab. Over time, the deterioration of the surface will increase; most important to more damage.

Why VS Waterproofing Services

VS Waterproofing provides guaranteed and excellent waterproofing and House very good service to customers. VS Waterproofing holds itself obedience to customers; If our customers have a problem, our professional technicians will be on their doorsteps with a single call

Advantages of Water Proofing

  • Terrace waterproofing helps us to keep structure health durable
    It keep the terrace safe from weather conditions especially from rainy session.
  • Waterproofing the terrace is a advantage able posses used across the globe.
  • Terrace waterproofing stops our houses walls are terrace the water going and growing in said the walls and the structure may more durables.
  • Here are several benefits of choosing a terrace waterproofing.
  • More floors and rooms can be added at later stages.

Methods of Water Proofing

Waterproofing is very necessary for all, structures for any humid conditions as well as ant situations

hick layer of cement is used for protect the water entering the structures and damaging it. or In the brick bat cobia method, brick and mortar are used to create a slope for the water to drain away from the terrace. Another traditional method of bituminous treatment uses bitumen (asphalt) as a thin layer on top of the roof surface. Both solutions also include adding a generic waterproofing chemical to the mixtures to further help the process. In a variation of brick bat coba, China Mosaic tiles are all used for waterproofing of flat terraces. Though all these methods of waterproofing a terrace are widely used, they have proven to be unstable and non-durable in the long run, requiring frequent repair and even replacement

LAMs or called liquid applied membranes used to protect rigid and easy with high tensile to protect the walls, and terrace from entering the surface

A chemically bonded bitumen and silicon polymer shaped into a sheet laid over the surface to prevent moisture, rainwater, and other conditions.
The modern methods of terraces waterproofing use chemicals mixed with cement to form a waterproofing layer. However, poor quality of chemicals, limited shelf life, and inability to withstand maximum temperatures make them a poor choice for waterproofing terraces.

Step by Step Terrace Waterproofing Process

This revolution of apply, dry and repeat results in a durable sheath with unmatched
water resistance and unparalleled heat reflecting properties, making the best quality
Paints method of roof waterproofing far superior to any other technique.

The two-coat application a flexible membrane with a mechanical strength to withstand
hydrostatic pressure of up to 7 bars and protection from water damage of up to 10 to 15

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